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The 2013 Medicare Part D annual Open Enrollment Period ends - But some opportunities still exist to join a 2013 Medicare plan

Publish On 2012-12-08 , 5:56 AM

The 2013 annual Open Enrollment Period (or OEP) closed Friday, December 7th at midnight and most people now will only have a limited opportunity to change their 2013 Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage plan coverage before next year's 2014 Open Enrollment Period - that starts on October 15, 2013.

Dropping Your Medicare Advantage Plan During the Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Period

Publish On 2012-01-20 , 2:35 PM

Question:  I joined a Medicare Advantage plan that has prescription drug coverage, but now I am not sure I want to keep this plan.  Is there any way to just drop my Medicare Advantage plan?Yes. You can drop your Medicare Advantage Plan during the annual Medicare Advantage plan Disenrollmen ...

Why would anyone select a Medicare Part D plan or Medicare Advantage plan that costs them more money?

Publish On 2011-11-29 , 1:31 PM

Question:  I read somewhere that many people do not choose the cheapest Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage.  Why would someone choose a Medicare Part D plan that might cost them more money?Answer:  In general, people are usually told to enroll into a Medicare plan based on: Co ...

Will Your Current 2011 Medicare Plan be Discontinued in 2012?

Publish On 2011-11-08 , 1:14 PM

A number of 2011 Medicare prescription drug plans and Medicare Advantage plans are being discontinued in 2012. People who are currently enrolled in these plans should have already received a notice in the mail explaining that their current Medicare prescription drug plan or Medicare Advantage plan w ...

CMS Press Release: 2009 Open Enrollment For Medicare Prescription Drug and Medicare Advantage Plans Begins November 15th

Publish On 2008-11-13 , 12:04 PM

For Immediate Release: Thursday, November 13, 2008Contact: CMS Office of Public Affairs 202-690-6145

CMS Memo: Special Election Period for Beneficiaries affected by the 2008

Publish On 2007-12-03 , 5:50 AM

DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICESCenters for Medicare & Medicaid Services7500 Security BoulevardBaltimore, Maryland 21244-1850CENTER FOR BENEFICIARY CHOICESDATE: October 3, 2007TO: All Part D SponsorsFROM: Cynthia Tudor, Ph.D., Director, Medicare Drug Benefit GroupAnthony Culotta, Direct ...

The Differences between Generics, Some Generics, Selected Generics, and All Preferred Generics

Publish On 2007-11-13 , 10:40 AM

Question: When looking for a Medicare Part D plan with some Gap Coverage, we could not understand the difference between preferred generics and those listed as generics.  Some Part D plans cover "all preferred generics" or "some generics" or "all generics."  W ...

The Best Way to Pay: What method is best for paying monthly Medicare Part D premiums?

Publish On 2007-11-12 , 4:43 PM

Question:I noticed on the Part D enrollment form that there are many different ways to pay our monthly Part D premiums.  Is there one way that is better than the others?
Answer: As most people know, there are a number of ways for you to pay your monthly Medicare Part D premium -  dependin ...

Part D - Many Changes for 2007 - Reexamine Your Plan!

Publish On 2006-11-11 , 1:11 PM

The drug benefit offered under Medicare Part D will be going through many changes for the 2007 open enrollment period.  Last year, nine plans were offered on a nationwide basis.  That has just about doubled for 2007.  Over and above that, each state individually (excluding Alaska and  ...

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