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2014 New Jersey Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans

New Jersey State Flag .
New Jersey PDP & MAPD Plan Highlights:
:: NJ’s Lowest Cost Medicare Advantage Plan (Health & Drugs): $0.00
:: Lowest Cost Medicare Part D Drug Plan (PDP) in New Jersey: $12.60
:: Lowest Cost Drug Plan (PDP) in New Jersey with a $0 Deductible: $25.00

Below is a summary of the national Medicare Prescription Drug Only plans (PDP) for Residents of New Jersey - CMS PDP Region 4.

Click on the Enroll enroll icon or plan name below to access enrollment options OR Click on one of these links for further help finding a plan:
: : Click here to see all New Jersey national and regional Medicare Part D (PDP) plan details
    (copays/ coinsurance, plan ratings, enrollment figures, etc. in a separate window)

: : Browse the 2014 New Jersey Medicare Advantage Plans (MA, MAPD & SNP)
: : Click here to compare 2014 New Jersey plan details with the 2013 plans
: : Click here to show 2014 Medicare Part D plans for a different state

2014 Medicare Part D - New Jersey Plan Information
Print  |  Medicare Advantage Plans   Archive:  2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006
Plan Name Monthly
Deductible Qualifies
for $0
with Full
Coverage Gap
(Donut Hole)
Benefit Type
Plan ID
AARP Plans by United HealthCare
AARP MedicareRx Saver Plus (PDP)
Browse Formulary
$25.50$310YesNo Gap CoverageBasicS5921-349
AARP MedicareRx Preferred (PDP)
Browse Formulary
$46.30$0NoNo Gap CoverageEnhancedS5820-003
AARP MedicareRx Enhanced (PDP)
Browse Formulary
$105.70$0NoSome Generics, Some BrandsEnhancedS5921-293
Aetna Life Insurance Company
Aetna CVS/pharmacy Prescription Drug Plan (PDP)
Browse Formulary
$35.20$310YesNo Gap CoverageBasicS5810-038
Aetna Medicare Rx Premier (PDP)
Browse Formulary
$138.50$0NoFew GenericsEnhancedS5810-174
Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Horizon Medicare Blue Rx Standard (PDP)
Browse Formulary
$62.70$310NoNo Gap CoverageBasicS5993-001
Horizon Medicare Blue Rx Enhanced (PDP)
Browse Formulary
$101.00$0NoMany GenericsEnhancedS5993-003
Cigna Insurance Company
Cigna Medicare Rx Secure (PDP)
Browse Formulary
$47.30$310NoNo Gap CoverageBasicS5617-018
Cigna Medicare Rx Secure-Xtra (PDP)
Browse Formulary
$50.30$0NoNo Gap CoverageEnhancedS5617-249
Cigna Medicare Rx Secure-Max (PDP)
Browse Formulary
$103.00$0NoMany Generics, Some BrandsEnhancedS5617-230
Cigna-HealthSpring Rx -Reg 4 (PDP)
Browse Formulary
$49.40$310NoNo Gap CoverageBasicS5932-005
EnvisionRx Plus
EnvisionRxPlus Silver (PDP)
Browse Formulary
$37.80$310YesNo Gap CoverageBasicS7694-004
Express Scripts Prescription Drug Plans
Express Scripts Medicare - Value (PDP)
Browse Formulary
$32.90$310YesNo Gap CoverageBasicS5660-106
Express Scripts Medicare - Choice (PDP)
Browse Formulary
$49.50$0NoNo Gap CoverageEnhancedS5660-207
First Health Part D
First Health Part D Essentials (PDP)
Browse Formulary
$53.90$310NoNo Gap CoverageBasicS5768-007
First Health Part D Value Plus (PDP)
Browse Formulary
$47.90$0NoNo Gap CoverageEnhancedS5768-127
First Health Part D Premier Plus (PDP)
Browse Formulary
$102.60$0NoSome Generics, Some BrandsEnhancedS5674-017
HealthMarkets Prescription Drug Plan
HealthMarkets Value Rx (PDP)
Browse Formulary
$34.10$310YesNo Gap CoverageBasicS0128-005
Humana Health Insurance Company
Humana Preferred Rx Plan (PDP)
Browse Formulary
$22.80$310YesNo Gap CoverageBasicS5884-131
Humana Walmart Rx Plan (PDP)
Browse Formulary
$12.60$310NoNo Gap CoverageEnhancedS5884-150
Humana Enhanced (PDP)
Browse Formulary
$47.20$0NoFew BrandsEnhancedS5884-062
MedicareRx Rewards by Unicare
MedicareRx Rewards Standard (PDP)
Browse Formulary
$58.60$310NoNo Gap CoverageBasicS5960-110
Symphonix Prescription Drug Plans
Symphonix Rite Aid Value Rx (PDP)
Browse Formulary
$33.20$310YesNo Gap CoverageBasicS0522-004
Transamerica MedicareRx Plans
Transamerica MedicareRx Classic (PDP)
Browse Formulary
$36.20$310YesNo Gap CoverageBasicS9579-003
Transamerica MedicareRx Choice (PDP)
Browse Formulary
$51.30$0NoNo Gap CoverageEnhancedS9579-036
United American Insurance Company
United American - Select (PDP)
Browse Formulary
$35.60$310YesNo Gap CoverageBasicS5755-075
United American - Enhanced (PDP)
Browse Formulary
$65.00$110NoNo Gap CoverageEnhancedS5755-007
WellCare Health Plans
WellCare Classic (PDP)
Browse Formulary
$25.00$0YesNo Gap CoverageBasicS5967-141
WellCare Extra (PDP)
Browse Formulary
$55.90$0NoNo Gap CoverageEnhancedS5967-176

A few notes to help with the understanding of the 2014 Medicare Part D Plan chart above.
  • Plan Name: This is the official plan name from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
  • Deductible: This is the $310 deductible that was presented in the CMS Standard Plan. Many provider’s plans do not have a deductible, however the premium may be higher.
  • Qualifies for $0 Premium with Full Low-Income Subsidy?: If Yes is in the field, then you would pay a $0 premium if you have a Full Low-Income Subsidy. If No is in the field, then you would be responsible for the difference between what the state provides as the Full Low-Income Subsidy and the actual cost of the plan even if you have a Full Low-Income Subsidy.
  • Coverage Gap the Donut Hole: In the CMS Standard Plan, the beneficiary must pay the next $3605 in drug costs (the Donut Hole). The Healthcare Reform provides that for Plan Year 2014, ALL formulary generics will have at least a 28% discount and ALL brand drugs will have at least a 52.5% discount in the coverage gap. The Gap Coverage Types discussed in this section are in addition to the Healthcare Reform mandated discounts. In our chart, you will see one of the following:
    • No Gap Coverage: you must pay the $3605;

    • Few Generics: less than 10% of formulary generics are covered, but you must pay for Brand Drugs up to $3605;
    • Some Generics: 10% to 65% of formulary generics are covered, but you must pay for Brand Drugs up to $3605;

    • Many Generics: 65% to 100% of formulary generics are covered, but you must pay for Brand Drugs up to $3605;

    • All Generics : All formulary Generics are covered, but you must pay for Brand Drugs up to $3605;

    • Many Generics & Some Brands: These Medicare prescription drug plans cover 65% to 100% of formulary generics and a some (10% to 65%) of Brand drugs on the plan’s formulary.

    • Some Generics & Some Brands: These Medicare prescription drug plans cover 10% to 65% of Generic and Brand drugs on the plan’s formulary. (Search Tip: If you would like to reduce the plans shown to just plans with a certain type of gap coverage, select this type of coverage in the "Type of Gap Coverage" field.)

  • Benefit Type: Basic means that this plan follows the standard CMS plan. Enhanced means that this plan has features above and beyond the standard CMS plan.
  • Plan ID: This is the unique id for this particular plan.

(Chart Source: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid file 2014LandscapeSource file PDP.xls)

Please note: The above plan information comes from CMS. We make every attempt to keep our information up-to-date with plan/premium changes. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. Through the application process we will provide you with the most up-to-the-minute information/pricing.

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Last updated on: 09/19/2013

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