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Wyoming 2007 Medicare Part D Plan Archive

Were you really looking for 2009 Plans in Wyoming?   Choose a link below:

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Below is a summary of national 2007 Medicare Prescription Drug plans (PDP) for Wyoming.

: : Click here to show 2007 plans for a different state
: : Review the 2007 Medicare Part D Wyoming Plans CMS press release

2007 Medicare Part D - Wyoming Plan Information
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Plan Name Monthly
Deductible Co-Pay
Coverage Gap
(Donut Hole)
Benefit Type
Plan ID
Aetna Life Insurance Company
  :: Essential & Plus Plan Formulary
:: Summary of Benefits All Aetna Plans
:: Premier Plan Formulary (Drug Guide)
:: Pharmacy List
Aetna Medicare Rx Essentials$28.90$200YesNoneBasicS5810-059
Aetna Medicare Rx Plus$42.80$0YesNoneEnhancedS5810-161
Aetna Medicare Rx Premier$72.60$0YesGenericsEnhancedS5810-195
Cigna Insurance Company
:: Summary of Benefits All Cignature Plans
:: Cignature Value Plan Formulary
:: Cignature Plus Formulary
CIGNATURE Rx Value Plan$29.60$265YesNoneBasicS5617-123
CIGNATURE Rx Plus Plan$39.10$0YesNoneEnhancedS5617-125
CIGNATURE Rx Complete Plan$50.90$0YesGenericsEnhancedS5617-195
Coventry AdvantraRx
  :: AdvantraRx Formulary
:: Value Plan Summary of Benefits
:: Premier Plan Summary of Benefits
:: Premier Plus Plan Summary of Benefits
AdvantraRx Value$24.40$0YesNoneEnhancedS5674-032
AdvantraRx Premier$35.70$0YesNoneBasicS5674-033
AdvantraRx Premier Plus$47.50$0YesGenericsEnhancedS5674-035
EnvisionRx Plus
EnvisionRxPlus Standard$46.50$265NoNoneBasicS7694-025
EnvisionRxPlus Gold$73.50$0YesGenericsEnhancedS7694-059
First Health Part D
First Health Select$36.80$0YesNoneBasicS5768-072
Health Net
Health Net Orange Option 1$24.30$265YesNoneBasicS5678-056
Health Net Orange Option 2$29.00$0YesNoneBasicS5678-055
Health Net Orange Option 3$44.10$0YesGenericsEnhancedS5678-097
Humana Health Insurance Company
  :: Humana Formulary
:: Humana Summary of Benefits All 3 Plans (List of Covered Drugs)
Humana PDP Standard S5884-083$10.60$265NoNoneBasicS5884-083
Humana PDP Enhanced S5884-023$17.10$0YesNoneEnhancedS5884-023
Humana PDP Complete S5884-053$71.60$0YesGenericsEnhancedS5884-053
Medco YOURx PLAN$36.90$100YesNoneBasicS5660-025
Community Care Rx BASIC$24.50$265YesNoneBasicS5803-094
Community Care Rx CHOICE$32.50$0YesNoneEnhancedS5803-162
Community Care Rx GOLD$38.90$0YesGenericsEnhancedS5803-242
NMHC Group Solutions
NMHC Medicare PDP Gold$30.50$0YesNoneBasicS8841-025
Prescription Pathway
:: Summary of Benefits for all Plans
:: Overview of the 3 Pathway Plans
:: Bronze & Gold Formulary
:: Platinum Formulary
Prescription Pathway Gold Plan Reg 25$22.90$0YesNoneEnhancedS5597-057
Prescription Pathway Bronze Plan Reg 25$25.00$265NoNoneBasicS5597-090
Prescription Pathway Platinum Plan Reg 25$43.50$0YesGenericsEnhancedS5597-222
Advantage Star Plan by RxAmerica$25.60$265YesNoneBasicS5644-080
Advantage Freedom Plan by RxAmerica$30.30$265YesNoneBasicS5644-059
SilverScript Plus$31.40$0YesNoneEnhancedS5601-051
SilverScript Complete$35.40$0YesGenericsEnhancedS5601-096
Sterling Prescription Drug Plan
Sterling Rx$33.90$100YesNoneBasicS4802-030
Sterling Rx Plus$58.70$100YesGenericsEnhancedS4802-058
MedicareRx Rewards Value$19.40$265YesNoneBasicS5960-025
MedicareRx Rewards Plus$21.50$0YesNoneEnhancedS5960-061
MedicareRx Rewards Premier$33.40$0YesGenericsEnhancedS5960-095
United American Insurance Company
UA Medicare Part D Rx Covg - Silver Plan$32.40$265NoNoneBasicS5755-063
UA Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Cov$41.90$0YesNoneEnhancedS5755-028
United HealthCare Insurance Company
  :: Rx Basic Drug List (Formulary)
:: Basic Plan Summary of Benefits
:: Extended Plan Summary of Benefits
:: Rx Extended Drug List (Formulary)
UnitedHealth Rx Basic$30.40$0YesNoneBasicS5921-248
UnitedHealth Rx Extended$43.30$0YesNoneEnhancedS5820-128
UnitedHealthcare - AARP
AARP MedicareRx Plan - Saver$20.10$265YesNoneBasicS5921-247
AARP MedicareRx Plan$28.50$0YesNoneBasicS5820-024
AARP MedicareRx Plan - Enhanced$46.50$0YesGenericsEnhancedS5921-249
WellCare Health Plans
  :: WellCare Medication Guide (Formulary)
:: Summary of Benefits for all WellCare Plans :: WellCare Pharmacy Directory
WellCare Classic$18.80$265YesNoneBasicS5967-162
WellCare Signature$26.80$0YesNoneBasicS5967-059
WellCare Complete$39.50$0YesGenericsEnhancedS5967-094

A few notes to help with the understanding of the 2007 Medicare Part D Plan chart above.
  • Plan Name: This is the official plan name from CMS
  • Deductible: This is the $265 deductible that was presented in the CMS Standard Plan. Many provider's plans do not have a deductible, however the premium may be higher.
  • Co-Pay Tiered Coverage: This is the portion of the plan where the provider and the beneficiary share the costs. Generally speaking, the beneficiary pays $798.75 ($265 + ($2135 x 25%)) out-of-pocket before moving to the Coverage Gap (Donut Hole) portion of the plan. Most of the plans provide a Tiered Drug List for this portion of the plan. In our chart, Yes: means that the plan uses a tiered drug list, therefore, drugs are organized into tiers and you pay a co-payment or co-insurance based on the tier. For Example: Tier 1 drugs: you pay a $5 co-payment, Tier 2: you pay $10, Tier 3: you pay $30. Each plan is different as to which drugs fall into which tiers and how much you pay per Tier. If None is shown in our chart, this means that a 25% co-insurance is applied (as in the CMS Standard Plan).
  • Coverage Gap the Donut Hole: In the CMS Standard Plan, the beneficiary must pay the next $3051.25 in drug costs (the Donut Hole). Many provider's plans cover the costs that fall into this category for an additional premium. In our chart, you will see one of the following None: you must pay the $3051.25; Generics Only: Generics are covered, but you must pay for Brand Drugs up to $3051.25; Generic & Brand Drugs: Both are covered by the plan, you are only responsible for non-preferred brand drugs.
  • Benefit Type: Basic means that this plan follows the standard CMS plan. Enhanced means that this plan has features above and beyond the standard CMS plan.
  • Plan ID: This is the unique id for this particular plan.

Please note: The above plan information comes from CMS. We make every attempt to keep our information up-to-date with plan/premium changes. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. Through the application process we will provide you with the most up-to-the-minute information/pricing.

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Last updated on: 08/09/2007

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